Take control of your browser tabs

Automatically organize tabs into workspaces you can label, switch between, and save for later.

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Are you constantly reopening and reorganizing windows and tabs?

Multiple browser windows with multiple tabs open

Tidy Workspace automatically keeps everything organized

1. Install the extension

Tidy Workspace will be available on Chrome while in beta. More browser support is coming soon.

2. Browse like normal

Tidy Workspace listens for every new tab and window and URL change and organizes it all into workspaces.

3. Use workspaces

Switch context and change active tabs with workspaces. Workspaces are automatically organized but you can edit them any way you want.

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Simple Pricing

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For light browsing

  • One pinned account

  • Two pinned sites

  • Three workspaces

  • Unlimited tabs per workspace



For the serious professional

  • Unlimited pinned accounts

  • Unlimited pinned sites

  • Unlimited Workspaces

  • Unlimited tabs per workspace

Thanks for checking out Tidy Workspace! I often find myself buried under so many browser windows and tabs that I have to take a few minutes to clean it all up. I'm building Tidy Workspace to eliminate this problem.

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Ryan Wilson
Creator of Tidy Workspace